Jacobs Podcast

Episode 4 – The Jacobs Podcast

Thank you Maya Walker for the brand new Jacobs Podcast logo. If you can’t have a listen to the podcast, I at least encourage you to visit Maya’s site at www.maya-walker.com. In this episode I speak to Michael Coates, author of  Manus Days: The Untold Story of Manus Island.  His book is available at Connor Court Publishing. Happy listening.

Episode 3 – What I wish I knew in my 20s

Who do we think we are offering ‘wisdom’ in our early thirties? Jordan Shopov and I discuss what we wish we knew a decade ago around career, happiness and decision-making. Warren Buffett once again features heavily in terms of advice but also Steve Jobs and even Aussie cricketer Steve Waugh. Thanks for listening and please keep the feedback coming.

Episode 2 – People Are Looking For Depth

What to talk about on the second podcast? Well, podcasts. In this episode we talk about the shows Jordan and I enjoy but also why people are tuning out of mainstream current affairs broadcasts.  Our thoughts are that people are getting a tad over slim perspective, limited depth and no decent exchange of ideas in their current affairs – something that shows like ABC’s Q&A, Michelle Grattan’s ‘Conversations’ or The Project just don’t really seem to offer (and don’t seem to get).

Some of Jordan’s favourite podcasts are Econtalk, Masters in Business and Conversations with Tyler Cowan, while some of mine are The Remnant, The Ricochet Podcast and The Art of Manliness. But don’t move on to these so swiftly!  Please make sure you listen to Episode Two of the Jacobs Podcast and offer your thoughts on improvement, questions or issues for discussion. This episode’s lead in was by Okinawa Lifestyle with a jam called ‘Levan’. Thank you again to Elly McNee for producing.

Episode 1 – Pilot

The inaugural episode of the Jacobs Podcast. It took me a while but we’re finally here. In the first episode I talk to Jordan Shopov – friend and founder of Whig Capital Management – about the benefits of reading. We touch on some pretty decent figures – Adam Smith, Warren Buffett and Harry Truman – while exploring how reading can help with accessing better arguments, ‘getting off the curriculum’ and cutting down ignorance. Thank you to producer Elly McNee.