Requesting the right services, at just the right time, is always a wise investment. It saves you time, can ensure due diligence and frees you up to work on higher priority tasks.

Having worked at all levels of the Australian government, in international development with organisations like the United Nations, and planned the security overlay for two of the largest events in Australian history, I have developed a unique knowledge on the products that government, elected representatives, businesses and organisations need to get the job done.

From helping a security company build a community profile in Papua New Guinea, to assisting a Brisbane-based outfit target their efforts engaging with local government, I have always sought to build skills that add value to the people and organisations I’ve worked with.

Below are the services I offer. As a published author, and as someone with a keen focus on delivering high-quality work, I pride myself on producing highly relevant, well-written and easy to understand advice. If you would like to know more about my experience, or where I may be able to assist, please get in touch with me below.

Presentation, Speech and Report Writing

Tailored briefings and presentations to hit the right note, to the right organisation, at the right time.

Aggregating information from a variety of documents into a coherent report, speech or presentation.

Political Risk

Targeted evaluation of the political risks your business or organisation needs to think about, understand, analyse, mitigate and respond to.

Political Risk Assessment (using a methodology and country rating system tool I have designed independently).

Political Risk Report including tailored country assessments, specific industry assessments and economic reports.

Red-team analysis of your activities. Examining ‘gaps’ and risks from supply chains, violence, public perception, expropriation, regulatory and reputational vulnerabilities.

Government Engagement

Identifying the right decision-makers and entry points for organisations or individuals seeking to engage with government.

Advice on alignment of your activities with government strategies and initiatives.

Security Planning

Security integration with event operations.

Event-focused Operational Orders, Concept of Operations and Venue Security Management Plans.

Strategic or event-specific risk and vulnerability assessments of venues, sites or activities.

Standard Operating Procedures for access control, security-specific tasks and a range of procedures.

Radio Fleet Mapping and communications plans.

Deployment Plans for security personnel.

Project Review

A thorough and independent assessment of the delivery framework for your project – where things are up to, what needs attention and how you might be able to leverage other activities to complete your project on time.

Interested or would like to know more?

Please feel free to get in touch. I will get back to you with relevant examples of my work and ideas on how I might be able to help.