My new Ebook Winners Don’t Cheat: Advice For Young Australians From a Young Australian

Part history, part biography, in Winners Don’t Cheat, Jacobs explores the strategies and experiences required to confront adversity and lay the foundation blocks of success in the early years out of high school.

Through extensive research and his own experiences, Jacobs weaves together simple and effective messages for young people with advice from a range of leaders such as Neville Bonner, John Howard, Paul Keating and even entertainers like Dave Grohl and Jamie Foxx.


Winners Don't Cheat: Advice For Young Australians From a Young Australian by [Jacobs, Sean]


According to Jacobs, success “is every day, it’s personal and it can be threaded into what you’re doing right now.” He sees Australia as a truly unique place for young Australians to realise their dreams, and covers topics such as becoming a better writer, education versus employability, the benefits of hard work and simple goal setting. He even touches on a number of unique examples, including what an Iraqi township can tell you about basic goal setting and how reforms to the New York City Police Department may even help with your own efforts at self-improvement.

In Winners Don’t Cheat, Jacobs hopes to remind readers that they can follow a path of success by helping them build the necessary tools to motivate themselves and build sturdy foundations for long-run success.

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