For a young man, Sean Jacobs has achieved an enormous amount, so it’s not surprising that he has maturity and insight beyond his years. Everyone can take something from the many digestible lessons within this book.

– John Eales, most successful captain in the history of Australian rugby.

At a time when young people are reaching out for purpose and self-responsibility, Winners Don’t Cheat offers simple and effective advice from a range of leaders such as Australia’s first federal indigenous parliamentarian Neville Bonner, former prime ministers John Howard and Paul Keating, and even entertainers like Dave Grohl and Jamie Foxx.

His series of short essays cover topics such as becoming a better writer, education versus employability, the benefits of hard work and simple goal setting. He even touches on some cosmopolitan ‘life’ parables, including what an Iraqi township can tell all Australians about basic goal setting, and how reforms to the New York City Police Department may even help with individual efforts at self-improvement.

Jacobs, who was born in Papua New Guinea, is a security specialist, having worked for Australia’s National Security Adviser and as a lead planner for the 2018 Commonwealth Games and the Brisbane G20. He is also a former Brisbane City Council election candidate, international youth volunteer, ministerial adviser, United Nations consultant and national water polo champion.

These are not the condescending dictates of an old man, but the honest advice of a young professional reflecting on his 20s.

– Jordan Shopov, Founder, Whig Capital Management.