Episode 26 – 2018 Year in Review

From bitcoin to Australian federalism, I like to think The Jacobs Podcast, which I started in early 2018, has been a very small contribution to good old fashioned ‘long form’ discussion. Jordan Shopov, Will Witheridge and I reflect on our favourite podcasters of the year, which includes heavies like Tyler Cowen and Russ Roberts to Dave Rubin and, of course, this year’s big sensation – Jordan Peterson. We also talk about our favourite books and our thoughts on 2019, where we predict the ‘values and capitalism’ debate will re-emerge as planet finance revolves back into earth’s orbit, laying bare the effects of low interest rates and the timeless question of inequality.

Show highlights

  • The renewed appetite for long-form discussion has continued.
  • Podcasts on complex and difficult public topics (for example Russ Roberts’ Econtalk goes from strength to strength, as Dave Rubin’s Rubin Report and Tyler Cowen’s Conversations with Tyler).
  • Why we haven’t spoken so much about Trump while everyone seems obsessed.
  • Why 2019 will be a year of ‘values and capitalism’ as terminally low interest rates reap havoc.

Resources/People/Articles Mentioned in the Podcast

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