Episode 27 – Old Head Young Shoulders: The Parallel University with Richard Krohn

To start 2019 we are putting an ‘older head on younger shoulders’ with Richard Krohn – author of The Parallel University: Create A Balanced Life And Have It All. From superannuation to resilience, we talk about the importance of creating a plan, avoiding binge television and surrounding yourself with positive people. We also cover how individuals should respond to the allure of progressive politics, the hefty fees from planet finance, and test general assumptions around inequality and globalisation. Now is a time when a lot is being asked of individuals. Not all are answering the call, which only underlines the importance of Krohn’s lessons from Parallel University.

Show Highlights

  • Why getting ahead of the game and creating a plan will help you a lot of stress in the long-run.
  • How retiring on 70% of your final income simply won’t work.
  • Why ‘you need a plan for who you are not who you want to be’.
  • Australia from a destination for people with goals and dreams to a destination for welfare security.
  • The need for resilience has changed: 100 years ago over 90 percent of the world lived in poverty, today it is 8 percent.
  • We’re not on the savannah anymore – the effects of too much binge television

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