Episode 29 – Bastion Collective CEO Jack Watts

For this episode I’m fortunate to be joined by Bastion CEO Jack Watts (www.bastioncollective.com). Jack and I met over a decade ago on a leadership course in China, and he has since grown a small sports marketing opportunity into a firm with global reach and employing hundreds of people. We talk about the importance of experience, taking on risk, avoiding bad decisions, managing people and dealing with growth. I enjoyed Jack’s principles – design the life you want to live, tap into your ‘thrill of the chase’, fail fast, ‘corterize’ it, get the bad news out, and move on with the best you’ve got. Hope you enjoy this episode. Please remember to rate and share the podcast with your friends.

Show Highlights

  • Having opportunities narrow but then capitalising on your strengths. In Jack’s case, this meant not playing professional AFL and missing out on a scholarship to the UK. But he always saw himself as a salesman, took advantage of a small opportunity in sports marketing and combined his efforts with his brother Fergus (and their father) to form Bastion.
  • How to manage people older than you, avoid ‘imposter syndrome’ and start believing in yourself.
  • Once you realise everybody is ‘winging it’, you begin to build confidence.
  • When a small governance process works versus having a more considered approach to big decisions.
  • Handling the big problems. As the CEO, you’re only dealing with the issues that others can’t.
  • The need to ‘zoom out’ and get a sense of perspective: How success is a squiggly line, with lots of ups and downs, but a long-run upward trend.
  • Realising it’s your mortgage on the line. And your ultimate responsibility is to you and your family.

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