Episode 31 – A primer on the coming republican debate

In any national election the stakes are high. But if Labor wins they have committed to holding a referendum on an Australian republic.  This issue was put to the Australian people in 1999 but lost.  Yet, as I explain, it is an issue that will always be with us.  For this episode, we flip things around and Whig Capital’s Jordan Shopov interviews me on the republican versus monarchy debate.  Full disclosure – I am a spokesman for the Australian Monarchist League (and a member of the Australians for Constitutional Monarchy).  But I hope I can give this important issue the fair background it deserves.  As always, please remember to rate the podcast or share with your friends.

Show Highlights

  • From our image in Asia to reconciliation, is there nothing a republic won’t do?
  • The revolving annual threat on our national symbols
  • Why this matters
  • How republics tend to stray from the best intentions
  • How this might actually bring about a positive public debate on what has made Australia a success

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