Episode 32 – Post-election wrap, musings and observations

Join Jordan Shopov and I for a casual post-election wrap up. From franking credits to betting odds, and inner-city politics to Q-exit, we unpack the Labor leadership, the background noise of the ‘culture wars’, and talk next steps for ScoMo. We even find time briefly to talk Izzy, and hypothesize about a world where millennials possess the same enthusiasm for debt as carbon reduction.

Show highlights

  • How harbourside politics did not quite work in mainstream Australia
  • Australia’s egalitarian streak
  • The general appeal of lower taxes
  • How franking credits and property ownership were leading indicators and thus issues for voters
  • Why the ScoMo win isn’t exactly the same as Brexit and Trump
  • Who the best person is to take over the Labor leadership
  • The unusual merging of personality politics in a compulsory voting system

Resources/People/Articles Mentioned in the Podcast

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