Episode 33 – Warren Buffett primer – A Dollar for Fifty Cents

Warren Buffett – investment and business titan, man of steady temperament and, as Whig Capital’s Jordan Shopov explains, a ‘learning machine’. As someone who knew only a little about Buffett I learnt a lot from this discussion with Jordan, who has read the most on the ‘Oracle from Omaha’ than perhaps anyone in Australia. We talk about Buffett’s principles for success, the value of role models, circles of competence and how getting a dollar for fifty cents means constant growth and learning. To tap into Jordan’s wealth of knowledge please get in touch with him at www.whigcapital.com.

Show highlights

  • Buffett is known for his integrity as much as his wealth
  • How Buffett’s father – an independently-minded Republican congressman – and investment legend Benjamin Graham, and business partner Charlie Munger have been Buffett’s role models
  • Buffett’s idea of fun – reading 8,000 page Moody’s Manuals and analysing securities
  • Balancing with single-minded determination with the importance of family and loved ones
  • Early regrets – the one time Buffett lost his temperament and the price he paid
  • How Buffett has changed from ‘cigar butt’ to value investing – the importance of constant growth, reinvention and learning to his career (and yours)

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