Episode 35 – Index Funds, JFK and Hitch

On this episode we take things around the world, covering everything from Brexit and the late Christopher Hitchens to index funds and the common sense of JFK. Sorry it’s been a while in between drinks.

Show highlights

  • Finding time to read while being a good (new) Dad
  • How fees dominate the financial advice industry (managing your own super deprives the financial advice sector of an estimated $14 to $20 billion annually in fees)
  • Thinking differently about banks – how their true customers are the people that lend to them, not so much mortgage holders
  • Remembering Christopher Hitchens – a consistent polemicist and anti-fascist
  • JFK’s speeches and common sense advocacy of tax cuts that help the economy, which in turn helps everyone (not a select few)
  • Jordan’s knife collection and the Hong Kong dollar

Resources/People/Articles Mentioned in the Podcast

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