Episode 40 – Testing our Koala assumptions with Vic Jurskis

Here I talk with Australian ecological historian Vic Jurskis on what constitutes a healthy, stable koala population, the importance of Indigenous land management practice, the history of koalas on the continent and just how true it is that koalas are endangered. Vic has featured on ABC and 2GB radio, and is the author of The Great Koala Scam (Connor Court Publishing, 2020).

Show highlights

  • The great irony – how healthier forests can actually mean less koalas.
  • ‘More’ isn’t always better – sustaining a healthy, more stable koala population
  • Australia didn’t always have ‘millions’ of koalas and how they’re actually quite rare animals.
  • Indigenous land management practices, specifically ‘mild burning’, equals healthy ecosystems, less plagues and less wildfires.
  • Testing the ‘wilderness mentality’ and how humans aren’t all bad for the environment.
  • Less Australians in the bush, and with hands on experience in ecological management, has generated an ecological illiteracy.
  • Some old fashioned but decent advice for free and open enquiry – looking before forming an opinion.

Resources/People/Articles Mentioned in the Podcast

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