Episode 36 – Fundamental Truths on the Present (Part 1)

What endures? Clearly things that have been around for a while will tend to go on persisting, from Broadway musicals to timeless virtues. Economist Will Witheridge and I talk about how important principles are, why they appeal and why they’re making a comeback, from author Ryan Holiday’s commitment to stoicism to Jordan Peterson’s philosophy of self-help. This show is split in two so please tune in next week for Part II.

Show highlights

  • The universalism of Catcher in the Rye – losing innocence and maturing in the world
  • Good packaging (i.e. good writing or a creative format) helps to make enduring principles more accessible
  • The Lindy Effect – a Broadway show that has been playing for a certain length of time is likely to still be playing for the same length of time again
  • Cover songs and new riffs on old tunes
  • A deficit in meaning is, unsurprisingly, driving a search for meaning

Resources/People/Articles Mentioned in the Podcast

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