Episode 37 – Fundamental Truths on the Present (Part 2)

In part two Will and I, continuing our ‘enduring’ theme, allude to John Howard – the seminal political figure in Australian politics of the last 20 years – and his capacity to provide stability with change. And, at least by the temporary standards of modern prime ministers, deliver a solid dose of political endurance. We also talk about Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams’ advice on when to give in or keep ‘enduring’, and discuss how generalists can triumph in an age of specialisation.

Show highlights

  • John Howard – a social conservative and economic liberal
  • Our favourite and standout bits from Howard’s autobiography Lazarus Rising
  • Scott Adams’ advice – things that will someday work out well start out well
  • David Epstein chatting with Russ Roberts on Econtalk – how generalists can triumph in a specialised world
  • The 10,000 hours principle – rule of thumb versus a hard and fast rule
  • The solvent of hard work, whether you’re a Tiger Woods (starting from an early age) or a Roger Federer (trying lots of things first)
  • The importance of endurance and staying in the game (heeding Scott Adams’ above advice!)

Resources/People/Articles Mentioned in the Podcast


Image source: http://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/112275705/

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